WATCH | This designer’s clothes are tailored to fit your confidence

Nokwethaba Mchunu was always drawn to the power of fashion. She watched as dazzling outfits imbued women with unfettered confidence.

But when Mchunu scoured retail stores for a garment that would give her the same feeling, she couldn’t find one.

“Wearing the usual plus-size clothing felt disempowering,” she says. Unwilling to hide herself, Mchunu unfolded a bundle of rich material and began stitching something that celebrated every part of her being. “If we want to feel good, we make the clothes to make that happen,” Mchunu says.

Studying fashion design, Mchunu found strength in the outfits she created. They became an integral part of her identity, making a statement wherever she went.

“Clothes are a form of self-expression,” Mchunu says. “I should be able to feel fabulous when I step out of the house.”

But with plus-size women disregarded by mainstream fashion, Mchunu knew it was her duty to make them a priority.

After she graduated, the aspiring artist took matters into her own hands and founded Oh Sixty Six.

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Today, Mchunu’s fashion label is setting a new standard. From bright, figure-hugging pantsuits to boldly patterned halter-neck dresses, her creations are ruling South Africa’s runways.

“When women wear my designs, I know they feel confident,” Mchunu says.

She has also put her stamp on maternity wear, encouraging mothers to celebrate their changing bodies.

Sewing self-love into her garments, Mchunu gives everyone the opportunity to shine both inside and out. “It is not what you wear,” she says, “but how you feel.”