'Dumi knew what he wanted': Simphiwe Ngema on late husband

Simphiwe Ngema explains that singing was one of her ways of coping with Dumi Masilela's death.
Simphiwe Ngema explains that singing was one of her ways of coping with Dumi Masilela's death.
Image: Gallo Images/Oupa Bopape

Actress Simz Ngema has opened up about the pain and loss she experienced after the death of her husband, actor and musician Dumi Masilela.

Masilela passed away after being shot during an attempted hijacking in 2017.

In a bid to honour her late husband's memory, the actress recently sat down with podcaster Macgyver "MacG" Mukwevho on Podcast And Chill and spoke about how her faith in God and music were the only way for her to cope with the passing of her husband after just two months of marriage. 

“Of course, I knew that it was meant to happen the way that it happened. But, I felt like there is no reason good enough for it. I would ask God those questions, what’s the reason behind it? They always say everything happens for a reason but I felt like, what that reason? I didn’t understand but I never lost my belief in God. I think at that time God was the only thing that made sense in my life. It kept me sane,” Ngema emotionally said.

While she had no choice but to mourn Masilela’s passing under the public’s eye, Ngema explains that being on stage was the only place she found healing.  

“A lot of people are like: 'How did you get up on stage and sing', and all of that. And I was like because, at that moment, everything was so heavy in my spirit. The only thing that made sense was God. I’m a Virgo, I’m a perfectionist and I like planning and I like doing things by the book.”   

With her husband’s untimely death, Ngema felt that, for the first time in her life, she had lost control of everything. “I’ve done that most of my life and here’s something that I didn’t have control over. Something that I couldn’t maybe pay for, for it to go away. There was absolutely nothing I could do about that situation.  So the only thing I could do was look up to God,” she said.

Having met Masilela through her friend and fellow actress Joanne Ryneke, Ngema recounted the very first time she met her late husband who was head over heels with her.  

“We chilled and we spoke. Funny enough Dumi knew what he wanted. He literally just said you are my wife. And I’m like this guy, you are so forward. From that day we were inseparable,” Ngema remarked.