'Don't touch me on my studio' & three other viral videos that still make us chuckle

Image: 123RF

One thing South Africans are known for is their sense of humour and the ability to see humour in even the toughest situations.

One such instance was when renowned broadcaster Chris Maroleng encountered a somewhat aggressive guest, whom he had to deal with.

While the situation was uncomfortable and tense, the immortal words: "Don't touch me on my studio", turned what was an unpleasant experience into one the country now holds dear.

Today marks 11 years since the studio duel, but it appears Maroleng has maintained a good sense of humour about the incident, responding to a twitter user who posted the video clip that: "It wasn't very funny when it was happening".

Here are three other treasures we hold dear in our arsenal of community humour.


In a classic case of schadenfreude, the then finance portfolio committee chair, Nhlanhla Nene, woke Mzansi up with a bang when he fell off his chair during a live television interview. 

Nene's now viral clip had many falling off their chairs from laughter ever since.


Nothing can prepare one for the tension that comes with a live interview broadcast across the nation, as anything can happen if one is not prepared.

While politicians are typically known for their silver tongue, General Bantu Holomisa was clearly having an off-day when he stumbled on his words during a live interview.

In an attempt to inspire, his gaffe has rather resulted in plenty chuckles and a spot as one the country's favourite viral videos.


Not much can be said about this viral video, because not much can be understood in the exchange between a television show host, and his seemingly confused subject.

The clip which has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people continues to baffle, but also brings joy in equal measure whenever one stumbles upon it.