'Being Bonang' star Pinky Girl opens up about grandmother's death

Chrizelda Kekana Entertainment reporter
Reality TV star Pinky Girl, seen here with her cousin Bonang, is mourning the loss of her grandmother.
Reality TV star Pinky Girl, seen here with her cousin Bonang, is mourning the loss of her grandmother.
Image: Via Instagram

Reality TV star Pinky Girl has opened up about how the recent death of her beloved grandmother has left her shattered.

The Being Bonang star lost her grandmother on March 24.

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Pinky Girl (real name Tebogo Mekgwe) bid farewell to the woman who she said nicknamed her Pinky Girl.

"I lost the most kindest, peaceful and unselfish human being in my life, with a heart of gold, my grandma. She named me Pinky Girl when I was born . Everything she bought me was pink. I will live by this name forever."

The DJ said she wished her grandmother had lived long enough to meet her children, who she felt would have been blessed to be loved by her gran. Pinky said her grandmother had gifted her with many important life lessons and she would cherish the memories they had forever.

"I wish my kids were already here to experience her love too. She taught me so much, most importantly, how to love and how to treat everyone with kindness and respect no matter where they come from. I will always cherish your love my Queen 'Koko Thabang'."

Pinky Girl burst into fame as her cousin Bonang's bestie and sidekick on her Being Bonang reality show

Prior to that, Pinky Girl had worked in IT for seven years.

In 2018, Pinky Girl resigned from her job, claiming she was treated "differently" by her colleagues because she is Bonang's cousin.

In an interview with Move Magazine she said: “I quit when my colleagues realised I was related to Bonang. Some started acting awkward. My female colleagues gave me a hard time. Some even called me Bonang’s handbag because I was always with her and they said all I do is hang around her.”

Since then the reality TV star has followed her passion and went into the DJ life.

While fans were initially sceptical, a recent video showing the good sis on the decks at a club where Bonang hosted a party to celebrate her BNG Nectar has turned naysayers into believers.

Here's the video if you missed it:

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