DRINKS: Looking to try your hand at drinking beer? Here is our roundup of ones to ease you in

Assorted Beers in a Flight Ready for Tasting
beer, beer in a glass, craft beer Assorted Beers in a Flight Ready for Tasting
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Beer was once thought to be a drink for the boys, but over the years more women have developed a taste for it.

So whether you’re a novice or just want to refresh your tipple options,here’s our round-up of some great locally available beers, from classic lagers to crafty flavoured variants.

Castle Lite

Castle Lite is a pale lager that delivers a crisp, clean taste. Its unique selling point? It’s lower in kilojoules than other beers.This beer is best served super cold to maintain the refreshing,yet moderately bitter taste.Beer can sometimes leave one bloated, but this one tends to leave one feeling less “full”, as it is less gassy (carbonated).

Flying Fish

This sweet drink that is low on malt has some people debating whether it is a beer or a cider. But with its recipe of malt, hops, maize extract, and yeast, the flavoured drink is definitely in beer territory. However, the addition of fruit juice and natural flavouring takeaway from the typical bitterness of a beer. Flying Fish comes in two variants — pressed lemon and green apple — and has an alcohol volume of 4.5%.text


Corona’s place on the beer scene seems to have been boosted by the fact that Beyoncé has been spotted drinking it. The pilsner-stylelager is refreshing and light, resulting in easy drinking, although it does have a slightly higher-than-average alcohol volume of 4.6%. Corona remains one of the top-selling beers worldwide with good reason. It is both fashionable and elegant with its mildly malty,subtly bitter taste. If you’re part of the passport gang, you may find this drink labelled as Coronita elsewhere.

Mad giant electric light 

This weiss (wheat beer) is another local offering. On top of that, it is also brewed by a woman: Veronica Pittendrigh. This beer has a fruity aroma, as well as a somewhat confusing, yet pleasant sweetness. An added bonus is the arty, cool bottle.If you want to know — and taste — more, head to downtown Jozi to the Mad Giant Brewery at the popular 1 Fox Street. The brewery offers tours where you can see exactly how this beer is made.

Soweto Gold

The Soweto Gold brewery, the brainchild of Ndumiso Madlala, opened its doors in 2012 in the early stages of the craft-beer revolution. The golden lager is touted as a “unisex beer” and it’s definitely easy on the palate:smooth, with an almost creamy taste. Heineken has bought a“significant stake” in the brewery and Soweto’s finest is now widely available in both a 500ml can and 750ml bottle.

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