Pigmentation is as old as humanity

Skin issues big worry.
Skin issues big worry.
Image: Getty Images / Rebecca Lewis

Whether in the sweltering summer heat or the cold of winter, pigmentation remains a concern all year round. In South Africa, it's ranked as the leading skin concern women want to treat and skincare brands are invested in the quest to finding the ultimate pigmentation-busting formulations.

Pigmentation happens in all skin types and tones but is more prevalent in dark skin tones due to there being more melanin present in the skin cells.

While melanin gives us our rich skin colour, it is also there to protect the skin as an inflammatory response to burns, excessive sun exposure or injury.

Though there is no cure for pigmentation, equipped with the right information it can become a struggle your skin can win over time. We chat to Dr Judey Pretorius, co-founder and product developer of Biomedical Emporium, about pigmentation

What is pigmentation?

Pigmentation is the result of excessive melanin production, and appears on the skin's surface as patches that are darker than the surrounding skin.

Who gets pigmentation?

Pigmentation occurs in all skin tones and types, however, those with darker skin are generally more prone to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

What are the main causes of pigmentation?

It stems from a number of factors, but the two primary causes are excessive sun exposure and hormonal changes that occur because of pregnancy or birth control.