In a relationship? Here's how to keep things healthy

Romantic and familial relationships endow life with value, but there’s no doubt that they can be tricky. Relationship expert Paula Quinsee, talks us through the foundations of a healthy relationship.


Quinsee says that a “…healthy romantic relationship is one where both parties are able to be open and honest with each other about their wants, feelings and needs.” Transparent communication and an absence of obtuse game-playing is, according to Quinsee’s mandate, instrumental to the success of any relationship; but it’s inexorably critical to romantic relationships in particular. And where communication is concerned, the old adage holds true –practice makes perfect.


Quinsee emphasizes that it’s important to keep your romantic relationship/s fresh and exciting: “When relationships get into a rut, the connection starts to disappear and with that everything is soon to follow i.e. communication, intimacy, and ultimately the relationship itself.” Taking your partner for granted could be fatal to your mutual happiness; review the dynamics of your relationship every now and again, to make sure you’re still honouring the terms of the commitment you made in the beginning.


Arguing can be either constructive or destructive, but at the end of the day, compromise is integral to the survival of romantic relationships. “Couples understand that they will never agree on everything 100%,” Quinsee says, “as they are two unique individuals with different perspectives; but [if you] are willing to meet each other in the middle… [you can] offer a win-win solution for everyone to benefit from.”


Ultimately, if every aspect of your relationship is regulated and governed by respect, then it’s unlikely to go seriously amiss. For Quinsee, the ideal relationship is one which creates a “safe, nurturing and supportive [environment] for both the couple and family (if they have children) to thrive in. [The couple has] a mutual respect for each other and their relationship and are able to resolve conflict in a mature, conscious, adult manner.”

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