Change laws to destroy apartheid legacy

Afriforum and its ilk praise apartheid as a good system, the writer says..
Afriforum and its ilk praise apartheid as a good system, the writer says..
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One would ask why it is taking so long to deal with apartheid legacies like land ownership that is still in the hands of the minority; apartheid-era street names and Afrikaans, the oppressor's language which is being forced down the throats of the black child?

Perhaps the answer to these questions can be found within ANC policies and the constitution. Interestingly, these are the same policies right-wing groups like AfriForum are using to contest street-name changes, and the criminalisation of display of apartheid-era South African flag!

They praise apartheid as a good system. OK, let's look at the Mala Mala land claim. This is the largest and the oldest private Big 5 game reserve in SA.The Tsonga people who occupied the land before the establishment of the reserve were forcibly removed from this land and dumped in what is now Bushbuckridge.

The Nwandlamhlathi community successfully claimed the Mala Mala game reserve and the land was restored to them in 2015 at a cost of about R1bn, paid to one white family!

The question is: how long can we sustain paying such exorbitant prices for the land that was stolen from us? As a people and sufferers of colonialism, we cannot continue to harbour, nurse and cherish apartheid-era legacies.

A change of strategy and an overhaul to the constitution is needed, and  the time is now. Otherwise, black people in SA will remain conquered forever!

Bushy Green, Kagiso

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