We know who the culprits of the burnt Joburg building are

The Gauteng Health Department building in the Johannesburg CBD caught fire.
The Gauteng Health Department building in the Johannesburg CBD caught fire.

We will be failing in our duties as a nation if we were to believe a feeble, quadriplegic, mendacious, paper weight and malnourished argument by politicians that the tragedy at the Bank of Lisbon building which houses Gauteng's department of health was a a mere accident. It is not, period!

Put differently and mildly, it is gross dereliction of duty. It is a self-created tragedy that could have been averted had management executed their fiduciary duties promptly.

The warning signs were ignored. The management showed total disregard of the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1993.

The labour department is also not an innocent bystander. They were aware the building was not safe or compliant, and their report confirmed this. Yet they did nothing to enforce compliance. It is even alleged they revoked the report in question.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act dictates that in such situations, criminal charges must laid against those who are liable. We salute those who have already taken the "courageous step" by laying charges with the police.

It is painful that three firefighters lost their lives in the inferno.

In a nutshell, there is no accident that has befell us. This horror movie was engineered, if not rehearsed by management. And the main actors have already been identified above.

It is also disappointing that management and executives have perennially and perpetually communicated conflicting messages.

It is imperative not to advance spin doctoring in incidents of this nature as the "culprits" attempt to appear innocent in the eyes of the public.

Let me relay my deepest condolences to the bereaved families. I must indicate that like true soldiers, the firefighters fought a gallant fight in defence of the workers. May their souls rest in peace.

Karabo Jake Matlala, Pretoria