Seizure of land will right the wrongs of the past

File photo of people working on a farm.
File photo of people working on a farm.
Image: Adrian de Kock

Historically, the land in SA was taken from blacks by force, and the demand for the return of land means the return of the country to its rightful indigenous African people, because without land, there is no dignity.

That is why the expropriation of land without compensation has become a rallying cry for many people, even those that have no interest in farming but who feel that the dawn of democracy has not ended white privileges.

People want the land precisely because it is the foundation of true freedom, dignity, self-identity, spirituality, economic emancipation and cultural roots.

Therefore, the suggestion that people should have title deeds doesn't resonate well with me. The proper suggestion should be that the state must be the custodian of land, and it must be clear that no government in future must be allowed to sell land and must also limit the number of years on leasing the land.

Emmanuel Matlala, Pietermaritzburg