Mashaba's people-driven party will bring about change

Former Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba.
Former Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba.

In the field of writing, the term dialogue refers to a conversation between two or more people.

For example, theDialogues of Plato (the books Plato wrote in the form of dialogues with people, to see if they believed anything was illogical) opposed the rhetorics of sophism. The Greek philosopher also believed in "true justice", "equality" and shared a vision of an "ideal" state.

In the same breath, the People's Dialogue, which was founded by ex-Johannesburg mayor, Herman Mashaba, is akin to Plato's "deductive reasoning".

In pursuit of empowering the voiceless, as he intends to launch his own political party sometime this year, Mashaba's interpersonal engagement with ordinary South Africans and foreigners alike has had a positive impact so far.

Hence his goal is to give back power to the people on the ground.

In the article published in City Press (Mashaba Confirms Launch of New Party, January 19, 2020) he was quoted as saying: "This party is a party that is going to be driven by civil society. We want the input of ordinary South Africans and not politicians to decide the future of their country."

This is exactly what should be taking place in a democratic state.

We all know that politicians cross the floor from time to time to become opposition members, or to form their own political parties so as to bring change.

Mashaba has applied the same principle, which should be commended because when the wellbeing of ordinary people is at stake or badly affected, there is a need for a new beginning.

The majority of our politicians are not looking beyond the independence of South Africa, but are there to stay where they are for political self-interest.

That said, the former DA mayor has taken a bold step for the total liberation of SA and Africa as a whole because only the rich and politically connected are free in this country.

Mashaba has been through a lot of challenges simply because of his honesty and integrity. He was even crushed by the multi-party government when he tried to resolve the issue of undocumented foreigners. He once said: "The fact that some DA councillors elected to vote for Makhubo over their candidate demonstrates why I had to leave the DA. The DA of today is clearly not the DA I joined - not when they support an allegedly corrupt person ('Angry' Herman Mashaba Tells The DA: See I Was Right; The Citizen, December 5, 2019)."

In his tweeted view on corrupt allegations against the former Johannesburg region ANC chairperson, Geoff Makhubo, political analyst professor Lesiba Teffo said: "Clearly the DA councillors that voted with the ANC are expecting a reward."

I fully agree with those who believe that SA needs an alternative to the existing political parties.

Since the attainment of our democracy, the South African administration of public affairs has been troubled by corruption.

Time and time again we hear in the media of senior government officialsinvolved in unauthorised expenditure and money laundering, among other things.

As Mashaba's goals are focused on the eradication and prevention of corruption, and to administer a people-driven state, definitely solidarity will set his party apart from the rest. And that will ensure that SA belongs to all who live in it.

Mashaba's aim is to impose an equitable political system for all. I am convinced that his party will bring about change in SA.

Through his genuine state of political leadership, ordinary citizens would definitely be freed from the corrupt political influence of the day.

- Ludidi is a Johannesburg-based, freelance journalist and writer

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