Diko is not king but village chief, say fellow Bhaca royals

The grandchildren of Inkosi Madzikane have accused the man at the centre of Gauteng health department personal protective equipment procurement scandal  of being "mischievous" for referring to himself as king of the royal kingdom of AmaBhaca.

In a statement released on Sunday authored by Simphiwe Bhaca Makaula, the grandchildren distanced themselves from Chief Madzikane II Thandisizwe Diko saying he is not a king but that he was a chief in one of the sub-regions of AmaBhaca, Elubhacweni.

Chief Madzikane II Thandisizwe Diko is the husband of presidential spokesperson Khusela Diko and has since been implicated in a tender scandal  with the Gauteng department of health.

Makaula said  the Royal Bhaca Projects which scored the controversial R125 million tender with Gauteng departhe of health has nothing to do with the Amabhaca Traditional Council that is a product of statute, or Amabhaca people.

“Without having to bore everyone with a long historical account, but those who’ve cared to follow our nation’s history will be aware that after the passing on of King Ncapayi, we have never had any King,” Makaula said on behalf of the grandchildren.

“Fast-forward that to the democratic transmission and the instituting of determination on the position of the paramount chiefs (see Judge Nhlapho Report) which seeks to confirm or pronounce on the hierarchy of chieftaincy, famously known as the Nhlapo commission, the Royal House of Amabhaca deliberately did not make any submission. Thus leaving the house with no status of kingship.”

The grandchildren said they were concerned about their brother presenting himself as the King of the entire Royal House of Amabhaca instead of a chief of Elubhacweni.

“Chief Thandisizwe presents himself as a King and not a chief. A King that we don't have as an entire nation of Amabhaca,” Makaula clarified.

“A King has a status of reign supreme over a nation whilst Chiefs are sub-divided according to the villages they represent. He is a chief of Lubhacweni in that respect and other villages have their own chiefs as well.

“It is also worth noting that after the passing of the late King Madzikane ka Zulu there has never been any chief of the Royal House named after him.“Thus any person bearing the name of Mandzikane in a status of a chief is rather mischievous, opportunistic and it is an indictment on the honour of our late Great Grandfather, particularly that his name used for proximity to resources and syphoning of state monies.

”The grandchildren distanced themselves from their brother saying that the proceeds of the now exposed R125m PPE tender scandal were not for the benefit of AmaBhaca people as he had claimed to have gone into business to support his community.

“Whatever proceeds that would have emanated from this corrupt activity were not meant to benefit Amabhaca; but for personal self-enrichment,” they said.“

As a people we stand firmly behind our government efforts to uproot corruption and ensure that the country’s scarce resources are fully utilised to improve the lives of our people.

“We pledge our support to the leadership of the Gauteng Government led by Premier David Makhura to leave no stone unturned and expose this alleged grand corruption.”  They urged Gauteng premier David Makhura to "leave no stone unturned and expose this alleged grand corruption".

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