Apps to help you trace fake photos


In times where the country is gripped by horrific stories we are more likely to succumb to fake news stories and fake images.

Sometimes images can be traced to completely unrelated events are used to cause more damage than good. Easy access to social media has allowed for fake news to be spread easily without any verification.

Here are four apps that we can use to trace fake photos:

1. Tineye Image Recognition

This app allows users to upload a picture or a URL to trace where else it appears online. The app also allows users to create a database of pictures to be alerted if your pictures have been re-used or duplicated.

2. Reversee

This app stays true to its name. It allows you to reverse image search to find where a picture is originated from. This is nifty for anyone who is suspecting that they are being catfished.

3. Camfind

With this app, the user can take a picture with their mobile phone and have immediate access to related images. The relevant information about the picture will also accompany the results.

4. Reverse Image Search

This tool allows you to put in the picture url to find similar images on the net. The user is able to find out if a picture has been plagiarised and where the original source is from.