FNB clients will soon get cash in dash

An FNB tapping-enabled card.
An FNB tapping-enabled card.
Image: FNB via website

FNB customers will soon be able to draw cash by tapping - rather than inserting - their cards at the bank's ATMs, making it faster and safer to draw money.

The technology, which applies only to contactless cards, protects customers from ATMs tampered with by criminals and fitted with card-skimming devices.

The bank says the "Tap and PIN" functionality is currently available across 100 FNB ATMs and more will be upgraded this year.

The customer has to tap their contactless card on the contactless reader of an eligible FNB ATM and enter their PIN to complete the transaction.

The CEO of FNB Retail, Raj Makanjee, says the bank started issuing contactless cards three years ago, and now has more than 8.5 million contactless-enabled debit and credit cards in circulation. FNB Pay processes an average of 700 contactless transactions daily.