IN MEMES: Looks like Skeem Saam's Alexos is the Mzansi version of 'Die Hard'

The cast of Skeem Saam.
Skeem Saam The cast of Skeem Saam.
Image: Facebook

The villain just refuses to die and Skeem Saam viewers are totes over that storyline.

Viewers were excited at what they thought was the end of Alexos when Captain Malebana told Kwaito that the villain was found dead.

However‚ it emerged the police may have gotten it wrong because Kwaito has been receiving messages from a "very alive" Alexos. He's clearly pulling Chuck Norris tendencies (you know‚ no matter how many times he's shot‚ he still lives).

While Kwaito is scared sh*tless‚ the rest of Mzansi is bordering death by boredom.

They had the memes ready.