Yoh! Skeem Saam fans want Alexos to help Mapitsi & Sonti fight Lehasa

Cedric Fourie
Image: Instagram

If you know the saying‚ "hell hath no fury than a woman scorned" then you know that Skeem Saam's Lehasa is about to go through the most at the hands of Sonti and her sister Mapitsi... but it's long overdue.

Sonti was seriously screwed over by Lehasa‚ both in her business and personal life. The guy not only stole her money but also took her virginity. While she may have disappeared for a few months‚ she's back now and ready to take her revenge.

Of course‚ it was Mapitsi who kept pumping her up with the necessary fuel to go after Lehasa but viewers think he deserves it.

They pledged their support in memes.

Meanwhile‚ most fans still can't get over Alexos' presence in Turf. That villain is still at large and doing the most to terrorise the people.

However‚ in what is only a fantasy‚ Skeem Saam fans hoped he would be the good guy for once and just help out Mapitsi and Sonti on the revenge mission.