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Kefilwe Mabote
Kefilwe Mabote

Style can't be bought. It's something you are born with. But thanks to people like Kefilwe Mabote, style can be taught.

The social media influencer and image consultant Mabote, also known as 'KefiBoo', received the next big thing/style in the city award at this year's South African Style Awards held recently.

Known for her expensive taste and wardrobe, the fashion pioneer's style is to die for.

The mother of two has garnered herself 470000 Instagram followers.

While her tastes are expensive, her tips are valuable.

"I dress to impress and I dress to be remembered. In saying that, I also enjoy collating high-street fashion with luxe brands to create a look unique to me," she says.

Mabote's style is influenced by iconic stylists in the fashion realm and lifestyle blogs.

"I love seeing what others are wearing and how their outfits have come together."

The 28-year-old Sowetan grew up in Moletsane. She says that as a child all she knew was that she wanted to be a creative somebody.

"I started my schooling in the township, but matriculated from the National School of the Arts. My first post-school education was a graphic design degree from Vega. I then enrolled for a BCompt accounting science degree which unfortunately I didn't complete, as I soon realised my dream was in styling. And so I completed an image consultancy diploma through The Wardrobe Academy," she says.

In a nutshell, her job is more than awesome selfies for a living. "I earn my bread and butter as an image consultant to the elite, and a social media strategist, which is more often referred to as an influencer," she says.

"The journey wasn't overnight either. I don't think a lot of people realise how many hours of work go into creating social media posts and blog content. I have often juggled between putting out something as fast as I can and spending time creating something of real quality. The quality always wins."

Before she started her PR (public relations) platform, she spent a year playing around with the new app at the time, called Instagram.

"I shared tips and tricks for styling and fashion. I soon saw that I was getting positive responses and, from this, [I] decided to advertise brands that I love the unconventional way while still staying true to myself.

"I almost fell into the social media space, but am really grateful I did."

Today the influencer is featured on a number of international blogs.

"I love that not all of my fans are from South Africa."

This has led to her having style talks with high-street brands like Top Shop and luxe fashion brands like Diane Paris.

"Social media platforms are phenomenally transforming in the social, political, retail and lifestyle space as digital becomes an ever-important part of our everyday lives.

"It's a powerful tool that offers instant interaction with your audience," says Mabote.

"I plan to embrace it [social media platforms] more in order to generate unique content that engages with my followers."

Her days are quite hectic, but fashionably so.

"I [go to the] gym every day," she says. "On Tuesdays and Thursdays I usually have a styling consultation with a client. I will go to their house and, during consultation, we will discuss colour analysis, figure analysis and wardrobe analysis [among other things].

"After each consultation, I will leave the client and head off to source clothes and other items for them, which usually takes about two hours.

"I like to set Mondays and Wednesdays aside for content creation, from 10am to 12pm, keeping my consultations for the afternoon, from 4pm onwards. If it's a quiet day, I might meet up with a friend for a bite or a drink, or do some shopping of my own.

"Then it's off home for dinner and to prepare for the next day. This doesn't happen too often though as there are always events and campaign shoots to juggle in between my styling consults," she adds.

Her fashion tips:

Don't wear what doesn't suit you.

Wear clothes that fit your body type.

Play around with colours and add accessories to add glam.

If you want to dress elegantly, the first rule is simplicity, second one is neutral colours.

White is one of the most tasteful choices you can make if you want to dress elegantly.

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