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Generations: The Legacy actor Vuyo Dabula has definitely earned his title of hunk one sit-up at a time. Anyone who has tried to panel beat their body knows that taking the first step into the health world comes with much responsibility,dedication, motivation and perseverance. For Dabula, however, staying fit and eating healthy is something that comes naturally.Speaking to S Mag, the star shed some light on exactly how he stays fit. Not only does he give us some of his secrets but he also has top tips for beginners.

1. Don’t over do it

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Less is definitely more when it comes to getting started. Dabula says taking it easy, even if it means walking on the treadmill for about 15 minutes every day can go along way. “Do that for a few weeks to create a habit of waking up and actually going to the gym,” he says.

 2. Change your eating habits

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Breaking the bank is not necessary says the fitness fanatic. “You don’t have to be rich to change to a healthy lifestyle, if it is all about health,losing weight or building muscle,it all starts in the kitchen.How you eat really affects how you look,” he says. “It is very difficult to out run a bad diet. Correct diet changes have to be made to win.” The actor, however,admits to sometimes taking it to extremes. Occasionally he engages in what he calls the“Warrior Diet”, which means he only eats one meal a day. “I wouldn’t advise anyone to do it though, I do it is because my body is already used to extreme conditions,” he says. On a normal day he eats rolled oats, lean protein and a lot of healthy carbohydrates.

3. Start drinking water

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“Water is the most important mineral on this earth and drinking a whole lot of it will only benefit you in the long run. Creating good habits gradually will ensure greater change,”he says. Dabula ensures that he drinks two litres or more of water a day.

4. Cut down on bad habits

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According to Dabula, it is all about weaning yourself off bad habits, including consuming too much sugar. “Don’t be too hard on yourself, what makes it difficult is that you are not used to living that way, so you can’t just change in the blink of an eye,” advises Dabula, who believes in introducing small changes gradually.

5. Exercise correctly 

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Dabula says that a combination of cardio exercise and weights is necessary. Lifting weights means that one loses calories not only during the exercise, but afterwards as well. “Skipping is also a great way to incinerate fat, I skip for 30 minutes nonstop as part of my workout routine,” he says, adding that the average person, however,only needs to skip for about 15 minutes.“You progress the more you do it,” he says.

Did you know

Running, swimming, skipping and lifting weights are considered the big four when it comes to losing calories rapidly and in large volumes.

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