Spice Girl, Mel B is on a road to recovery

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Former spice girl, Mel B better known as 'scary spice' has checked herself into rehab, this following a post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) diagnosis she received recently. 

After her divorce with former husband Stephen Belafonte, it seems that all went downhill. The pair split in December last year, following alcohol and sex addiction the starlet's issues reached it's tipping point. 

In a tweet she posted on Sunday regarding the disorder a number of fans reacted some in support and against.

Fan Reactions:

Messages of support and an overflow of love:

Messages of hate:

Some fans chose the latter and accused the America's Got Talent Judge of only using the disorder as a publicity stunt for her new book titled 'Brutally Honest' which speaks about the abusive relationship she had with Belafonte. 

Messages from fans who also suffer from the disorder:

While PTSD is not spoken about on a large scale, there are many silent sufferers. Mel B's revelation has now made it easier for fans and celebrities alike to speak about it and hopefully heal.