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The R350 grant is part of the government’s alleviation and eradication plan among SA citizens. Despite being a drop in the ocean, it’s better than nothing at all. But my main worry is this money is not serving its meaningful purpose.

Most of this money which is meant to help us with  daily commodities is spent on luxury useless things such as cigarettes, alcohol and substance abuse.

The attitude of the majority of these recipients of this grant  nicknamed “O R350 or Ramaphosas” leaves a lot to be desired if not a bitter taste in the mouth. The money is already spent before it’s withdrawn from ATM machines on mashonisas and shebeen queens on “skoloto sako jwaleng ko spotong” credit at shebeen.

It does not live to see the next day. ANC pre-1994 election promises of better lives is proving a mountain too high to climb and a mammoth task. People have become so reluctant,  lazy to even scratch their own back but want to be spoon fed by the government. Who can blame them? The ANC promised jobs and where are they, 28 years in power?

Now it’s a matter of too many unfulfilled promises and promotion of entrenchment, entitlement philosophy and mentality which breeds laziness among citizenry. Foreigners are now used as scapegoats, they have become sheep taken to slaughter. “Amanga ayaphela” you may lie to the people today but not all the time as people are not fools.

Your lies are coming back to haunt you.“Umenzi akakhalelwa, kukhalelwa umenziwa”. You dug your own grave lie in it. On a lighter note : Don’t ask what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country. 

McDivett Khumbulani Tshehla, Mountain View

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