READER LETTER | Don’t be deceived by empty words

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The nation faces its most crucial election in May. Pretenders to the throne are strutting the country seeking your precious vote.

All of them, from the big to emerging parties, have betrayed our country and in the process left 60-million people impoverished as our institutions related to proper governance have been allowed to decay.

We shamelessly pretend to care for the masses, but in reality the leaders that we chose and elected, showed us the middle finger. With elections approaching, political chameleons in democratic garb are knocking on your door seeking your approval to desecrate the country for another five years.

Do not be misled by their new garbs, their enticing political fragrance, their lofty promises, which they brazenly betrayed. We are a ruined nation with no prospects. Hunger, poverty, crime,environmental degradation, insane corruption, utter lawlessness and institutional collapse are propelling us on the road to ruin.

We are a country enmeshed in a monumental crisis. The masses have been deceived by the antics and dishonesty of the three major political parties. A democracy symbolises 90% law and 10% politics.

In our society law is 10% and politics is 90%. Our democracy lies in tatters as leaders are refusing to release their grasp on power. The nation and all its institutions are rudderless, clueless and are on the verge of break down.

This sad chapter in our fractured history reminds us that our hard won democracy is still fragile. We must defend our democracy from marauders and remain vigilant as pretenders to the throne remain within the corridors of power. Your vote is the key to freedom, use it wisely. Should you fail, your vote will be your key to serfdom.

Farouk Araie, Benoni

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