READER LETTER | We have power to end blackouts

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Image: Sandile Ndlovu

We need to be honest with ourselves: the apartheid regime managed things better. I know some don’t want to hear this.

The houses that were built by that regime remain strong even today. Yet, the ANC called them “match boxes”.Government departments and its utilities were well managed.

I’m not in any way comparing apartheid to democracy. Apartheid remains a crime against humanity. The apartheid regime did good things for the white community and treated black people as sub-humans.

Not only that, but it also killed, maimed and tortured black people for being different. That was cruel. Before 1994, Eskom was among the best performing utilities in SA. It was managed by engineers and competent managers.

It also had reserves and supplied electricity to other countries in Africa. Electricity was cheap and reasonable. In addition, it had won many awards. Fast forward to 1994.

The ANC government adopted a working Eskom. Instead of maintaining the high standard, the democratic government has brought the electricity utility down. Since 2010, the country has been suffering from electricity blackouts.

And the load shedding is getting worse, not better. The problem with Eskom is not management or money, but politics. In other words, there is no political will to solve the electricity issue.

If Eskom does not work, SA does not work. This is a serious matter, but it is treated like one of those that don’t matter. If South Africans want load shedding to come to an end, they must stand up and do something.

Talking in the corridors, complaining on radio shows, social media and in the drinking holes won’t change anything. The ball is in the court of citizens.

Thabile Mange, Kagiso

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