Litter a blot on our landscape

Image: 123RF/ Bidouze Stephane

It's very rare to travel on our roads these days without seeing people littering. Our environment is full of plastics, sometimes one wonders if we really care about what our environment looks like.

Plastics are flying on the sides of main roads , and we see cans and bottles on the sides of our roads.

We have made littering fashionable; people just litter without feeling guilty. How many times have you seen motorists and passengers throwing things out of windows on our roads?

I believe as we urge motorists to be safe on our roads this festive season, they need to be taught about keeping our environment clean by not throwing things out of the windows of their vehicles on the roads.

They must keep whatever they want to throw away in their vehicles and look for trash bins when they reach their destination and throw them away there.

Littering is totally wrong but together we can curb this problem. We also need to inculcate in our kids the idea of keeping our environment clean.

Being environment friendly will help much in curbing some false ideas people still hold that when they are littering they are creating jobs.

That is totally wrong; we should stop harming the environment. I was really shocked that we have a lot of plastics which make their way into the oceans.

Recycling companies must also be applauded because they are helping in keeping our environment clean. Members of communities must come on board to solve this problem of littering.

Thebe Kgwetiane

Maandagshoek, Limpopo