Madi checks out Maftown Heights only to be let down

Maditaba Columnist
Nadia Nakai
Nadia Nakai

This week Madi made the big schlep to a place in Mahikeng where every shopping bag is called a "Checkers".

Madi felt like Mary Tyler Moore in her convertible with the wind in her hair, except she couldn't let her chiffon scarf go flying as it was Hermes. Several hours Madi made it safely to Mmabatho Stadium for the annual Maftown Heights event .

There was huge pandemonium about Maftown Heights finally "coming back home", which did not make any sense to Maditaba.

If "home" is 95 hours away with scorching heat and grazing cows for scenery, Madi would like to say thanks, but no thanks.

The place was more packed than a Tekkies store in Brits having a clearance sale. Bathong, Bonang Matheba and AKA were there.

Madi was not impressed with Bonang's outfit. She looked like those teachers back in the day with a "Sales House" wardrobe.

Madi found the outfit patronising, almost like she couldn't be bothered to put in some effort because it was Mahikeng.

No girl. You are Bonang Matheba. Be on point or don't show up at all.

Khuli Chana was amazing on stage, but Madi found his choice of outfit interesting. He looked like a West African who owns a "R5 per hour" internet cafe in downtown Jozi.

Madi found it so sad when he reunited with Morafe on stage. It was like he was rubbing their faces in the fact that he made it big and they didn't. Awkward.

HHP was great on stage. The crying bit on stage was a bit much, but Madi let it slide.

Bathong if Nadia Nakai shows us what a fan of Brazilian waxing she is one more time, Madi will borrow Connie Ferguson's grey hair and pull it out!

Madi finds singer Shekhinah cute and talented. Just wish she'd find a stylist without cataracts.  


Madi understands that it's December, but guys, do you really have to drink every day? Every single day?

Madi has been swatting off invites to drinking holes daily, which is really irritating.

Why do we feel the need to consume alcohol at alarming rates just because of the silly month of December?

No guys, let's pace ourselves.

Bagaetsho, phuza face is so real. It really is.