Man found dead on roof of building in Johannesburg CBD

Image: Supplied by ER24.

A young man was found dead on a roof of a building in Marshalltown in the Johannesburg CBD on Saturday morning.

Paramedics said it appears that the man had fallen from one of the floors of the building onto a roof below.

“Shortly before 8am paramedics from ER24 and the Johannesburg fire department arrived on the scene and the apartment building. Upon assessment they found that a man was lying on a roof near the ground floor of the building. The fire department had to assist to gain access to the man. Sadly, there was nothing that could be done for him and he was declared dead,” said ER24 spokesman Russel Meiring.

“A bystander explained that people near the top floor of the building saw the man lying on the roof below and called security to investigate.

“The exact circumstances surrounding the incident are not yet known,” Meiring added.