Why has ANC deserted us?

I am writing to voice my disappointment with the ANC.

I am writing to voice my disappointment with the ANC.

I am the wife of a former political prisoner, Zonga Mokgatle, one of the Upington 14 who was sentenced to death by the previous government.

My husband and I live apart because it is the only way we survive financially.

We have no home and my husband earns an extremely low salary working for the local municipality. He called me today. He needs money to see a doctor.

Sixteen years after being released from the horrors of death row, he is still unable to pay for a visit to a doctor. His recurring illness stems from his beatings and torture by the apartheid security forces.

I need to ask you some questions, to Jacob Zuma. I have asked them many times before, but have never received answers.

Why, after 14 years of ANC rule do ex-political prisoners still suffer? My husband is not the only one, but today I write about my concerns for him.

Why, 14 years later does he not have a home?

Why 14 years later is he still begging ANC officials for a better-paying job?

Why does he not receive assistance with medical costs?

Last year Abel Kutu died. He was also part of the Upington political prisoners group. The relatively young man didn't find work for many years and when he died he was earning less that R2000 a month. He had cancer and died a painful death in utter poverty with no home. He was given no help with medical costs. After his death he was finally given assistance from the ANC - they paid for his coffin. It is a shameful, but true story.

Will my husband be next to die in such conditions?

The community in Pabelello, the local township, are also asking questions. If the ANC can't even take care of ex-political prisoners, then what chance of a fair deal can they ever get?

As you are probably aware, Northern Cape has a large coloured population, who support the ID party. Cope is also looming. I feel Northern Cape ANC needs to understand the needs of the people better.

I am a fully paid-up ANC member and have their best interests at heart when I write this letter.

Kathy Mokgatle, Glasgow, Scotland