Make it a musical Christmas

Itumeleng Motuba

Itumeleng Motuba

For all those people who are terrible at buying gifts, Christmas is the worst time on earth. The easiest gift to give is music.

Flabba's album, Nkuli vs Flabba, is out and it is hot.

Flabba has outdone himself with this album.

He has remixed his first single, Sbamo Somdogo, and collaborated with other rappers such as Amu, HHP, Khuli from Morafe, Spijo from H2O, Naked DJ, Proverb and Gaoza from Hidden Force

When he is not releasing solo work, Flabba is also a member of Skwatta Kamp, who have also released a new album titled Back On Kampus.

It seems as if there is a flood of new releases at the moment. Another one that would make a brilliant gift this Christmas is Pitch Black Afro's Split Endz.

ProKid is also back with a new offering called DNA. Pity to say it is not as hot as Heads or Tales, his previous album.

Mandoza is also back with a bang with a new album titled Ngalebesi. He has just upped his game with this one and even features Pitch Black Afro and ProKid.

On the dance front QT is the best option for any lover of deep house.

Fiztas is also on fire with his new release, Mixwell Expensive. This is a collectors' item and it will be appreciated by all house enthusiasts.

After a two-year drought Zubz is back with Headphones. He has just stepped up a notch, making him one of the best MCs in the country.

Other artists who have released music that will make that special someone in your life smile are Proverb, Teargas, Sbu, Kabelo and Rude Boy Paul.

A word of advice: stay away from Sgonondo, Jozi, Mdu, Arthur and Brown Dash.