Lunathi out to stir things up in The Queen

Actress Lunathi Mampofu has joined soapie The Queen.
Actress Lunathi Mampofu has joined soapie The Queen.
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Lunathi Mampofu will never outdo herself just to prove that she is as equally talented as her famous brother Oros.

Mampofu, one of the new faces in the soapie The Queen, is the sister to former Skeem Saam star Oros. Mampofu says she is aware that people expect a lot from her since her brother got a break before her.

"I don't feel that I have to put myself under pressure because I started after him. I am happy that he got a break before me and he did well. I believe I bring something different."

Mampofu says what people don't know is that she is the reason her brother became an actor. She explains that Oros came to understand acting while she was studying at the South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance (Afda). "When I left for the States to further my studies, he got his break and he loved it."

In The Queen, she portrays Benni, a young woman who operates in the drug underworld. She is set to bring more drama to the story.

Benni is brought in to team-up with Diamond to take on the Khozas and the Mabuzas, who rule the drug underworld.

The East London-born actress says Benni's role will stir-up things and impact on other characters. "I don't want to give away much but viewers need to watch out for Benni. I'm very excited, playing her brings me so much joy."

After appearing in several TV commercials and Ingozi drama series, she says Benni is the biggest role in her career to date.

Mampofu says working with an experienced cast has been an eye-opener for her. She says working with people who she had been looking up to fulfills her.

"Working with the whole team is one of my dreams coming to life. I am grateful. The cast has been welcoming to me and I am actually enjoying it. I think I have put myself under pressure because I act alongside experienced people."

She studied both acting and directing in South Africa and furthered her studies at the New York Academy. Mampofu has also worked as a casting director in Los Angeles before returning to South Africa.