Awks when you spot your ex with new bae

It was a memorable week with some awkward moments and horrendous outfits.

But, since Easter is on the horizon, Shwashwi is thrilled to be back on the party scene.

First I had to sort my wardrobe. So, after shopping up a storm I stopped at the movies on Tuesday night.

Thinking I would see the huge crowds that descend on our malls on weekends, only to find throngs of people in traditional membeso outfits at the Mall of Africa.

While I tried to make sense of who's membeso it was, Boity came running with her man to the front of the queue, jumping everyone.

Everyone was wondering why she was in such a rush until her ex Cassper Nyovest and his new bae were spotted in the same queue.

Awkward, isn't it?