Bonnie Mbuli puts 'pervert' on blast for sexting her

Picture credit: Instagram.
Picture credit: Instagram.

TV presenter and actress Bonnie Mbuli has lambasted a follower for sending her inappropriate sexual advances on social media.

The star revealed on Twitter that the person sent her distasteful direct messages on a regular basis‚ which left her appalled.

The Afternoon Express host blocked and reported his account to authorities on Facebook.

“It’s time to name and shame‚ who is guy bethunana? Fills my inbox with these messages. It’s likely he’s a sick man going around hurting women‚ hence he needs to be shamed‚” she wrote next to a screengrab of the messages he had apparently sent her.

Bonnie said she decided to shame the man in the hope that it would bring awareness to other women and stop the man from harassing others.

“I am just concerned. I’m probably just one of many women he’s inboxing this cr*p to‚” she added.

Once the shock had worn off‚ Bonnie tried to change the topic to something a bit more light-hearted‚ sharing a picture of herself in mini-shorts.

But the star then had to deal with a new kind of abuse‚ after another follower told her she was too old to wear mini-shorts and dresses.

She responded with a spicy clapback that sent the follower back to his lane.