Ex-beauty king Paul Phume in ugly family spat

Paul Phume sought a protection order against his nephew.
Paul Phume sought a protection order against his nephew.

Former Mr SA and now businessman Paul Phume has painted a gloomy picture of family squabbles that, he alleges, have the potential to collapse his marriage.

This he did in his application for a protection order against his nephew David Phume at the Randburg Magistrate's Court in February this year.

Paul alleged that David assaulted his brother, musician and priest Victor Phume [David's father] at a church service in front of congregants.

The model also alleged that later on the same day, David publicly accosted and intimidated his 91-year-old mother Christina Phume [David's grandmother] outside the church building.

Paul also alleged that David sent pictures of burning heads to his family and a text message foretelling Christina's death. He also alleged that David has insulted his wife Tshiamo, lied to her and attempted to poison her and his in-laws.

"David falsely stated that I uttered extremely serious allegations about my in-laws, which I am certain David has done in an attempt to destroy my marriage and my relationship with my in-laws.

"Even after having contact with my wife, David approached a family friend and has stated that I supposedly uttered extremely serious allegations about my in-laws, which is completely untrue," Paul stated in his affidavit.

He couldn't be reached for comment at the time of going to press and also did not respond to messages sent to his phone and office.

David, also a businessman, confirmed Paul applied for a protection order against him but that it was dismissed after he successfully opposed it.

"This was a family matter that shouldn't have been brought to court. His application was dismissed in favour of me. He did not even apologise afterwards. But that's all I can say," he said. In his answering affidavit, David launched a blistering attack on Paul and contradicted his version of events.

He said the family dispute was sparked by the exclusion of his mother, Elizabeth Phume, from the wedding of his sister Ruth Phume.

"Further, and in addition hereto, it was not only for my sister to elect not to have our mother present at her wedding, it was a decision that was taken by collective members of the family, including the applicant, which resulted in my mother's exclusion," he said in his papers.

He confirmed that he attended his father's church but denied that he assaulted him.

"I admit there was a disagreement between myself and my grandmother, however I deny that I accosted and /or intimidated her by shouting at her.

"On the 8th of October 2017, I went to my father's church where he leads as a pastor. I approached my grandmother after the service to talk about the situation regarding my sister's wedding which took place in my mother's absence.

"My grandmother asked me why my mother was not at the wedding, knowing what happened. I further asked her why she is inviting one of my father's female employees to sleep over.

He said his granny cursed and screamed at him and afterwards he went to his father's office to discuss the matter but he too argued with him and professed danger upon him.

He denied any communication between himself and Paul's wife but confirmed that he sent the text messages to express his Christian opinion.