CSA to meet BMF to discuss transformation and governance issues

BMF President Andile Nomlala.
BMF President Andile Nomlala.

In what has been a spring filled with meeting activities for Cricket South Africa (CSA)‚ the organisation will be meeting with the Black Management Forum (BMF) on Saturday morning.

CSA have been engaging consistently with the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (Sascoc)‚ but they have not found common ground with the Forensic Report elephant that’s in the negotiation room.

BMF president Andile Nomlala said in their capacity as a management oversight body and the fact CSA haven’t been able to get their governance house in order led to the convening of Saturday’s meeting.

CSA also confirmed they will be meeting the BMF on Saturday.

“Some of the things we want to engage them were triggered by some people who approached us with concerns. It’s prudent for us because we’re neither a government agency nor a sporting body. Ours is to come through and understand things from the horse’s mouth. The impasses there are very much rife and they haven’t been dealt with‚” Nomlala said.

“Our organisation represents black executives and management across the business spectrum. There’s a complaint that we’ve received and our interests lie with transformation and governance. We fit perfectly in this regard. We deal with these issues at various organisations.”

Nomlala said there were many media reports with regards to the organisation not being able to find its footing‚ but their responsibility was to hear CSA’s side of the story.

At the same time‚ Nomlala said it would be derelict in their duty to turn a blind eye to CSA’s consistent short-comings.

“You have to hear as to what are the reports from the organisation as there are reports coming out of the media. Once that’s done‚ it’s easier to engage them progressively‚ but ours is to offer a helping hand‚ especially with regards to the governance impasses they have‚” Nomlala said.

“We can’t turn a blind eye to what is happening because we keep the government accountable‚ so we have to do the same with cricket. We all want to get operations and governance of CSA into order and see that CSA is fully functional and operation.”