WATCH | How these little kids dancing will make your day

Is there any more pure expression of happiness than dance? Stamping feet, clapping hands and manic movement communicate joy in a way that no other syntax can.

For those with the rhythmic understanding and physical capability, there is no greater gift than having the opportunity to turn this visceral euphoria into a career.

Dance for All is a youth-focused project that gives dance training to children in historically disadvantaged communities like Delft, Nyanga and Khayelitsha.

They teach a wide variety of styles from ballet and contemporary to African dance and hip-hop.

Reaching more than 1500 children, Dance for All caters for everyone; from kids who just want to move to budding professionals.

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The programme has produced stars like Bathembu Myira who was part of The Lion King production that toured Germany.

Bradley Zeelie is another prospect who has found opportunity through the programme, studying in Switzerland at the Cinevox Junior Company.

Exposure to the repetitive practice and rigour of professional dance training is turning unshaped talent into focused ambition and success.

Dance for All is giving these kids happiness and the opportunity to succeed.