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Stock up on school stationery at PNA ahead of the new year rush

Six back-to-school hacks for a less stressful school year

Create a mobile homework station to keep all your stationery together.
Create a mobile homework station to keep all your stationery together.
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Getting organised ahead of time takes away the stress of rushing before school opens. Children like to feel prepared, and frantic last-minute school shopping can stoke anxiety. With PNA you can face the uphill battle to keep everything sorted over the weeks ahead.

A new school year is exciting but can also be overwhelming when it comes to getting organised. For a less stressful year, you need simple organising hacks such as time management and a schedule to get you and your little ones through the day. Good time management and a schedule for your little ones are the foundation of a less stressful school year.

Here are simple back-to-school hacks that will not only help you get more out of the supplies you’ve purchased, but also help you to enjoy a smoother, more carefree school year.

Good luck with this year’s academic adventure! #PNASchoolHacks


It’s a good idea to keep their school supplies tidy and organised. A handy DIY caddie holds all the necessary supplies, so learners can do their homework at the kitchen table or in their bedrooms.

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After the children get home from school, life gets hectic. Even without after-school activities, their evenings are still jam-packed with homework, dinner, bath time ... and it’s so easy to lose track of time on these busy nights. A DIY clock is an invaluable tool to help you organise their evenings.


Back-to-school shopping can be chaotic. Why not give some items on the stationery list to family members to buy as new year gifts? Quirky and stylish stationery may be a fun way to get your children psyched up for school.


For older learners, highlighters are pretty amazing writing tools that can transform your note-taking and learning process. Key code your highlighters and label them so you won’t forget what each colour represents while note taking. Start this colour-coding strategy from the beginning of the year, so that by the time end-of-year exams come, you’ll have your study practice perfected.


If anyone knows the daily frustration of lost lids strewn across the floor and consequently, dried-out markers left in their wake — it’s parents or teachers. There’s a simple solution to reduce this frustration: simply duct tape them all together. Line up the set of felt-tip pens and warp the lids in duct tape to create a felt-tip pen mass so you never lose a felt-tip pen lid again.


Use a whiteboard marker pen to write daily reminders on your mirrors. Dry erase pens in different colours can be divided among all family members so that each person has their own colour to use when writing messages on mirrors. Each person can also leave eye-catching notes on mirrors for others to see.

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