Six things we learnt from Zozibini Tunzi at the S Mag Beauty Talks

Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi
Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi
Image: Supplied

Recently, we hosted our first Sowetan S Mag Beauty Talks digital event which was held in partnership with W. Beauty available at Woolworths.

Our main focus during the discussion was skincare. Our panel  included a group of inspiring South African women namely; S Mag editor Thembalethu Zulu, Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi, S Mag beauty editor Nokubonga Thusi, and Laura Lynn Naidu, Quality, Innovation and Sourcing Manager for Woolworths Beauty. 

Throughout the conversation, topics such as what products are essential for winter, how to feel more confident in your own skin and what key ingredients to look for in your skin products were discussed. 

The panelists also shared tips for looking refreshed and awake after a long day, and even confessed some cringe-worthy cardinal beauty sins that they have committed on the odd occasion such as sleeping with makeup on.

Zozi, who is known for having beautiful glowing skin shared some of her tips as well as what you can incorporate into your beauty routine.

1. A skincare-first approach is the key to a glowing complexion

Before all the tricks of makeup, remember that skincare has to be the priority. “Anyone who knows me, knows that I will always pick a dewy look over a matte look. My secret is, even before I put on makeup it’s important for to make sure that we have great skin because makeup sits beautifully on good skin.  For me I enjoy WBeauty’s Hydrating Serum, I love a good hydrated skin…I think of it as putting on underwear before putting on your clothing.”

2. True beauty lies in self-confidence  

Self-confidence and feeling beautiful can be a struggle,  but self-affirmation is one way Zozi ensures she stays motivated. “The idea that we are beautiful launches everything. We have to believe it deeply inside of ourselves, and only then can we truly show it to the world. My advice is to practice [daily affirmations]. You wake up and convince yourself everyday – you tell yourself that you are beautiful and that you are worthy of being called beautiful by other people.  It is daily affirmations, it is work that you have to put in so wake up and choose yourself every day.”

3. Choose products that support the beauty of the planet:

As the world is more conscious of the effects of our current lifestyle on the environment; it’s important that your beauty routine is holistic and has a core value of not only being good for you, but for the planet as well.  “W.Beauty products are friendly to the environment which is something that I love.  I love that they are vegan, because if I am supporting my beauty then I should be supporting the beauty of the planet and the environment as well.”

4. SPF is essential all year round, no matter your melanin or skin tone

The application of sunscreen is not a beauty practice that many of us practice.   Zozi knows the importance of applying sunscreen all year round as well as educating yourself on why it’s the key to healthy skin and ageing gracefully.  “It is very important for us to be wearing sunscreen, especially in the winter time when we think the sun is not out.  It’s for everyone and it’s not for certain people.”

5. Avoid breakouts by changing your pillows regularly

Although guilty of occasionally sleeping with makeup on after a taxing day, Zozi believes that it’s important to wash your makeup off every day if you want skin that is healthy and free of breakouts. “Wash your face before going to bed because you have been touching it all day. I think we need to be changing our pillows constantly because I think we forget to do that and we keep sleeping on our pillows which have residue of our hair products on them.”

6. Sheet masks are a secret weapon for an instant skin glow

When needing to look refreshed after a long day and before an evening engagement, Zozi turns to her selection of trusty sheet masks to pep her skin up.  “I love a good mask - I will literally wash off makeup and pop on a mask and let it soak in. I’m an advocate for a good mask as it just brightens your skin and makes you look more awake. I love using a sheet mask because it’s so easy.   I use it on flights as well because that’s when I would have most of my time and you can do a lot of things while you have it on.”