Never give up pursuing dreams

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I foresee 2018 becoming the year of success. But only big dreamers will end the year with something to show for it. A dreamer is an achiever in the making; a hard worker who puts up a great effort to make sure their dream comes true.

The goals he sets for himself are within reach. He believes a positive dream is there to be accomplished, while a quitter is somebody who is hopeless in everything he does.

He loses the battle even before he starts fighting. He is negative and he believes he's meant to fail in life.

Everything starts with a dream.

Dreamers don't believe in failure and they take an obstacle as a challenge that they must go through. Dreamers don't let a little turn at the corner ruin their whole journey.

Failures believe that people are meant to fail at some stage; they quit easily.

A little mistake or misfortune that led to your failure from achieving must not fail your whole life.

Take it as a learning curve that makes you more alert and cautious. Let it make you sharper and more aggressive in pursuing your dream.

Draw some inspiration from your own falls and those of others. The best advice is to never give up. It might take a long time to reach our goals, but it will happen if we work hard on it. Let 2018 be a year of great achievements.

Godfrey Malibe