SA needs an efficient railway transport network to stimulate economic growth

Metrorail passengers. / Supplied
Metrorail passengers. / Supplied

The consideration of expanding the rail transport system is not a bad idea. In fact, it would add value within South Africa and the SADC region. This will also play a major role towards job creation, transportation of goods, commuting and boosting of tourism.

China is a typical example of such an improved system, thus we may learn a lot from their railway transport system.

South Africa needs to revamp its inter-provincial railway system to reduce travel time for long distance commuters.

I believe that if this practice was to be implemented and spread into the rest of Africa it would boost trade and tourism, spark GDP growth in several countries, in one way or another, as it would enable job creation and skills development.

An improved railway system should play a major role towards decreasing traffic congestion on our roads and also in decreasing the fatal car accidents the country experiences, especially during holiday seasons.

The railway transport system will also go a long way towards decreasing air pollution as it would reduce the number of trucks that are used daily to transport goods over long distances, thereby addressing the climate change issues.

This would put Africa on the map and squash the notion of it being an underdeveloped continent.

Sello Stephen Mapeka

Paballong, Witsieshoek