Sex to 'exorcize evil spirits'

He duped girlfriend's sister into having sex - beginning when she was 15. Now he'll pay for it with a jail term

A self-styled feng shui master has been jailed for six years for duping his former girlfriend’s sister into having sex - beginning when she was 15 - claiming it would improve her health and exorcize evil spirits.

Yuen Yuk-kin, 43, was sentenced Thursday in District Court after being found guilty in September of seven charges of procuring another person for unlawful sex using false pretences, the South China Morning Post said.

Yuen started having sex with the girl, now a third-year university student, in September 2004 after she caught a fever and Yuen told her it was the result of her boyfriend infecting her with undesirable spirits. He said the only way to get rid of them was to have sex with him.

The relationship, which began when Yeun had been dating the girl’s sister for three years, continued until last year with Yeun claiming that if she did not continue to sleep with him,

(a) she would get cancer before she was 30,

(b) her mother would also get the deadly illness,

(c) the mother would be killed by ghosts and

(d) her sister would jump to her death.

Calling Yuen’s actions “despicable”, Judge Frankie Yiu Fun-che said he had exploited his victim’s poor health and fears for her family’s well-being and led her to a life of insecurity.