Fleeing 'stock thieves' throw themselves at police

Stock thieves drove into police station with 19 stolen sheep in their vehicle.
Stock thieves drove into police station with 19 stolen sheep in their vehicle.
Image: AFP

Farmer and pastor Juan Greeff woke up in the early hours of Saturday morning to find his sheep kraal had been raided.

“I didn’t see or hear anything. Not even the dogs barked. I just woke up in the middle of the night‚ like any other night‚ and checked the kraal on camera. I was shocked to see it empty‚” he said.

“I had no doubt they were stolen because the fence was cut. It looked like they were walked through the farm.”

The Vredefort AGS-Kerk pastor said he alerted his neighbours and formed a search party. At about 5am they got a lead.

“We heard that there was a strange vehicle loading the animals. Then we made a roadblock with the community patrol guys.”

When they tried to flag down the suspected stock thieves‚ the suspects drove into one of the roadblock members.

“He was on the side of the road signalling with a torch for the car to stop‚ but they didn’t. They kept on approaching and ended up injuring him.

“When we caught them‚ they tried to flee‚ but only to end up in a police station. I don’t think they intended to drive into the station (precinct)‚” Greeff said.

About 100 of his sheep were released from the kraal‚ but only about 19 were loaded onto the vehicle.

“All the animals were recovered. We even opened a case‚ but I can’t say I’m happy because some of them were injured from the wire they used to tie them.

“We have a serious problem of stock theft in the area. We are always alert. It's worse now because of the festive season.”

Greeff said the man injured during the roadblock had been discharged from hospital on Sunday.

Police have been contacted for comment.