ANC let Vavi get away too easily

RECENTLY the ANC has been plagued by ill-disciplined members.

RECENTLY the ANC has been plagued by ill-disciplined members.

This forced the national executive committee to raise the issue and proclaim that anyone who flouts its constitution would have to face the music.

The ill-discipline was exacerbated by rowdy alliance leaders, who have a penchant for maligning everyone they disagree with. This aspect was also covered by the NEC, which said that anyone involved in public spats and mudslinging would be disciplined.

Vavi dared the ANC and it blinked at this flagrant disregard for party protocol and the declaration that the rowdiness must be stemmed.

When the national working committee wanted to pursue the discipline charge, some in the ANC protected Zwelinzima Vavi. This begs the question, why should other members, who engage in similar misconducts and other disciplinable acts, be subjected to disciplinary hearings? Should their alien behaviour be dealt with politically? The ANC missed an opportunity to lay down the law and stem the debilitating ill-discipline once and for all.

Patrick Rampai, Klerksdorp