SA has disproved cynics

BAFANA Bafana might be out of the Fifa World Cup, but ournation's pride has been restored.

I refer to Bafana's electrifying performance during the match against Mexico, which Fifa ranks higher than Bafana, and the remarkable victory against France, the 1998 World Cup winners.

I saw our black and white nation showing unity and blowing vuvuzelas together when they celebrated the opening game and the opening goal. They laughed together and hugged each other.

This affirms that South Africans have moved beyond their differences towards building a united and caring society.

I am really proud to be of the generation of people who witnessed for the first time the world's prestigious event in Africa and I'm proud to be a South African and a citizen of the host country.

This rainbow country was previously portrayed as a bad country, full of crime and mischief. Others went to the extreme of tarnishing our country with adverts containing wrong and misleading messages such as: "Every three minutes, a woman is raped, South Africa has the highest crime" and other such negatives.

We have proved that South Africa is a beautiful country with amazing hospitality and superior generosity. We have proved to the more than one million tourists during the Confederations and World cups that we are the custodians of democracy and we possesses the best morals, love and peace.

The nation's pride is restored and we really appreciate Bafana's sterling performance. In the 2012 Afcon we will show them while we prepare to settle the score in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Continue wearing Bafana shirts and enjoying Football Friday. This World Cup has brought life to our country through job creation and tourism.

Patrick Twala, Nkowankowa