Society must help police to eliminate drugs

MEDIA reports about the arrest of drug syndicates and traffickers by the South African Police Service fill South Africans with hope .

It has been a marvel to watch the steadfastness and vigilance of the police in tackling the plague. Timely interventions have saved innocent people. These interventions have to be intensified. The police are doing their best to save citizens from becoming a nation of drug addicts.

Drug-busting activities saw public and private premises raided continuously to eradicate the sale and use of drugs. The police uncovered dagga plantations in Gauteng and Eastern Cape. They intercepted two huge consignments of drugs at Cape Town International Airport, which resulted in the arrest of foreign nationals in one of the busts.

Random operations also contributed hugely to the seizure of large amounts of drugs. Such operations have led to the arrest of drug peddlers.

These busts were made possible because of information from law-abiding citizens. This partnership and ownership concept is crucial to preventing our country from becoming a drug haven and protecting future generations from drugs.

The police should be supported in campaigns such as the raids in most Gauteng schools last year. Organisations and civil society have to spread anti-drug messages and parents should talk to their children to counter drug use and abuse.

Arresting drug lords, busting drug syndicates and long jail terms will deter this scourge .

The police should be encouraged to make unscrupulous "businesses" difficult to sustain.

Superintendent Piletji Sebola SAPS national spokesman