Jansen should join his AWB cronies

I HAVE been following the story of University of the Free State vice-councillor Jonathan Jansen in connection with the Reitz Four.

It was painful to see how those mothers were treated by the four students.

Firstly, Jansen lied when he took the unilateral decision to reinstate the students by saying that he had consulted all parties and that they had resolved that the matter be buried and there should be reconciliation.

His decision was supported by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who headed the Truth and Reconciliation and Commission, where he spent most of his time crying, thus leaving matters unresolved. That is why he is still unpopular with the statements he makes.

Tutu's friend, Jansen, is hiding behind the word "reconciliation" to protect the Reitz Four, who made our mothers eat food that had been urinated on. It is balderdash to protect the young racists.

Jansen must swallow his cheap pride and understand that our poor and working class mothers and fathers can't be treated like toilets.

The Reitz Four behaved like their fathers, the Eugene Terre'Blanches of the AWB. They don't deserve to be in our society because they are evil. They deserve to rot in jail. They are not part of our society and belong to an evil and rotten society. Personally I also think the professor is a racist.

Jansen was deployed to transform and deal with such behaviour at the university, but failed to transform it into a better place with an environment conducive to study environment.

He must leave the institution and join AWB because they are singing the same song.

Matankana Mothapo,Auckland Park