Cope considers private prosecution against JZ

Anna Majavu

Anna Majavu

The Congress of the People is considering bringing a private prosecution against ANC president Jacob Zuma if the National Prosecuting Authority withdraws charges against him.

Cope presidential candidate Mvume Dandala said yesterday he did not want to pre-empt an official announcement by his party on the matter, but said "we are taking it very seriously".

His comments come amid reports that the NPA is considering withdrawing the charges against Zuma because it does not have "a winnable case" against him.

The NPA has, however, denied the reports.

But the ANC is believed to be involved in efforts to rescue Zuma.

Speaking to the Cape Town Press Club, Dandala said Cope would only accept withdrawal of the charges if the due process of the law was followed. "We must be assured that there has been no interference with the law ... that no compromises have been made," he said.

Dandala also warned that SA was just five years away from becoming like Zimbabwe. "It was exactly 20 years after liberation that the wheels came off in Zimbabwe, and we are in our 15th year. The beginning of the end in a good country starts when people start to tamper with the law."