SABC has insulted AFD

The Alliance of Free of Democrats want to record its discontent with the way the SABC treated its president Professor Themba Sono in what was supposed to be an interview on Morning Live on 20 February.

Sono was asked to avail himself for what we were informed would be an interview. In an email, the supposed interview was going to focus on the Alexander Renewal Project and other such projects in Gauteng, housing development, service delivery, health and education.

However, we were surprised that we were never given a chance like the usual suspects to elaborate on these issues.

We responded to the call because we have never been invited before. To our utmost astonishment presenter Vuyo Mbuli posed only two questions to Sono and the supposed interview was over. It was more like a vox pop with school kids about a frivolous subject.

The AFD agrees with the IFP and APC on this state of sneering by the SABC. The interviewees had to wake up at dawn for only two questions . In the very same exercise, the ANC and DA got generous time and I am sure their attendance was worthwhile to them. It is absurd to think they could accommodate all the parties in the Gauteng Legislature in one programme.

The AFD take this as contempt.

Andile Tshona, national spokesman (AFD)