Delay may 'cost ANC votes'

The ANC's reluctance to name its premier candidates may cost it votes, especially in Western Cape.

This is the view of University of Johannesburg political analyst Steven Friedman.

By late yesterday, the ANC had "still not decided" who its premier candidates were, spokesman Jessie Duarte said.

This despite a senior ANC staffer telling Sowetan on Sunday that the party "would announce" its premier candidates yesterday.

While the law allows for the winning party to announce its premiers on the day Parliament opens after the elections, Friedman said: "It takes the choice away from voters. In Western Cape, where you have a significant amount of shifting voters, it will count against ANC."

Friedman said the ANC would be hard pressed to beat opposition parties in Western Cape without a popular premier candidate.

But a terse Duarte said: "We are not obliged to announce premier candidates." - Anna Majavu