funny jZ has it all

If somebody asked me who I think is South Africa's best cartoonist, I would without a doubt say it's Jacob Zuma. Whether he is singing his trademark song Umshini Wam', attacking and suing the media or singing again, Zuma has it all, the comic arsenal that we cartoonists need to stay afloat and entertaining, and being provocative at the same time.

The second best cartoonist would have to be Jonathan Shapiro or Zapiro.

In his 13th annual offering, Zapiro is still to disappoint me, Zuma, Thabo Mbeki and the rest of South Africa. I mean, is this guy ever gonna stop! I don't want him to stop. I still remember his first book The Madiba Years - the best cartoon collection he ever made. I think I was still smudging crayons then if not eating them.

His latest book, Pirates of Polokwane, is rich, factual, funny and cool. Just like the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, with Jack Sparrow, which inspired the cover. The inking starts with rugby fever which saw The Boks reclaiming their dominance and bringing back the Rugby World Cup (which is the only good news SA had in 2007) and of course its stinking race politics.

Also the Selebi versus the Scorpions saga is humorous, clearly drawn and spelt out. Only Mbeki could not see it. The lampooning goes on with the ANC's in-fighting, when the alleged (bad boy) Zuma is elected president of the party. What is the worst that could happen? The world is watching.

Barack Obama is elected the first black American president while Mbeki is recalled and ANC deputy president Kgalema Motlanthe is sworn in as "caretaker" president.

The ANC wars, almost like those of American Republicans, worsened. This saw the Zuma suck-ups and Mbeki stooges' marriage ending up in a nasty political divorce, much to the delight of the opposition. This illustrated the need for better quality government in this country.

Pirates of Polokwane, with skipper JZ and foul-mouthed Julius Malema, set their dark sails to take over the justice system and hold the country to ransom.

Before I reviewed this book, I had already received two copies as Christmas gifts, which is super cool because I could not afford to buy them.

I bet Zuma bought five copies just for himself (to burn or use as target practice).

Damn! What a cartoonist our future president is going to be .