Granny (65) wants gun for protection

Alfred Moselakgomo

Mpumalanga government officials were in Balfour yesterday to listen to challenges residents face.

The person who drew most attention was an elderly woman who said she was fed up with crime in the area and intended to arm herself with a gun.

At the imbizo, held at the New Salem Church in ward 1, health and social development MEC Fish Mahlalela and his safety and security counterpart, Siphosezwe Masango, had a torrid time calling for calm from the residents.

Martha Mahlangu, 65, said thieves nowadays commit serious crimes and get away with it.

"We live in fear these days, and I'm going to buy a gun to protect myself," Mahlangu said.

The residents also complained about the lack of a hospital in the area.

Mahlalela claimed that there was no place in the whole of Balfour at which a hospital could be built.

He, however, said his department would consider building a bigger healthcare centre for the local people.