Future bleak for sons of ex-cop who mowed down half his family

Moyahabo Mabeba

Moyahabo Mabeba

The future of the surviving children of the former Johannesburg metro cop who gunned down half of his family does not look very bright.

Emmanuel Maloba, 43, opened fire and killed his wife Makelle, his daughter Tabudi, his grandson and then himself..

The incident happened in Gauteng last Thursday when the officer vented his anger on the three.

The two surviving sons - Mamadi, 18, and Maloba, 14 - who are in grades 11 and 7, face an uncertain future following the killings.

The two boys are stressed as they are preparing for their end-of-year final exams at Tidima high and Lephalala primary schools respectively.

A source close to the bereaved family told Sowetan yesterday that the boys were under severe stress and were struggling to come to terms with the loss of their parents.

"You can tell from the boys'

faces that they miss their mother.

"They had a special bond with her because she was their pillar of strength. Of their parents, their mother was the closest they could communicate with."

Their mother was a volunteer home-based care worker at the Dwars River Parish at GaRamotjoe village in the Botlokwa area.

A furious family member disputed allegations that the shootings were triggered by unresolved differences between the couple, as reported in Sowetan yesterday.

While Maloba leaves a bitter legacy in a crime-free rural community for his deeds, the flipside is that he made a permanent mark on the local sporting landscape.

During his early years as a pupil at Mautsi Lower Primary School in Matseke village, he enriched the school's silverware cabinet with many trophies he won in both short and long distant marathons.

An athlete of note, the man affectionately known as "Bra Sponono" went on to mesmerise crowds at Tidima High School with his electrifying speed.

Football lovers adored him as a catalyst for Matseke Young Leopards Football Club, a team he served with dedication.

The Malobas will be buried at Matseke cemetery in the village on Saturday.