Readings by writers

Victor Mecoamere

Band of Troubadours - a collection of literary works by the 43 winners of the yearly South African Literary Award (Sala) over the past three years - is being launched in phases.

The first launch was held in Cape Town on June 15.

It featured readings by writers James Matthews, Ronnie Govender, Gladys Thomas and Dennis Brutus.

Coming launches will be held in Grahamstown on July 4, Johannesburg on July 11 and in Polokwane on July 19.

Sala is organised by wRite Associates, the Arts and Culture Department, the SABC, Sowetan and Nutrend Publishing. Deserving winners are awarded the:

lK Sello Duiker Memorial Award;

lNadine Gordimer Short Story Award;

lPosthumous Literary Award;

lLifetime Achievement Literary Award;

lLiterary Journalism Award; and

lTranslators Literary Award.

The closing date for submissions for the 2008 SA Literary Award is September 15.

For more information:

lPhone 011-791-3585, or 011-791-4102;



lWrite to: SA Literary award, PO Box 4488, Randburg, 2125;

lFax 011-791-4125.

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